January 17, 2017

How a gun works

If you are a hunter, you must know to use firearms. Firearms has become the most popular weapon for hunting today. But a good shooter will know how his gun work. It means he know to control his gun as well as possible. But the first-of-all task you must do when using a gun is that you must have a gun safe. Best gun safe for the money is now a popular choice of hunter circle. Many cases of injure, even death, come from the unawareness of the gun user.

This will make many consequences following. Have you known yet? If not, in this article we will open the secret for you. There are many kind of firearms but the physical process of shooting is the same for all. You pull the trigger and the firing pin will strike and explode the primer in the base of the cartridge. The primer will make spark to burn the gunpowder and convert it into gas. This gas will quickly expand and blow the bullet through the barrel with a strong power. Here we show you the shooting process of two kind of firearms. (The figures following is applied for both process)

1. The shooting process of the rifle and handgun

  • A bullet is put into the chamber
  • Pull the trigger and firing pin will be activated. It move forward with a great force and strike the primer and make it explode.
step 1
  • The spark coming from the primer will burn the gunpowder into gas. This gas will rapidly expand in the cartridge.
step 2
  • The expanding gas will push the bullet out of the cartridge to the barrel by an extreme speed.
  • When go through the barrel, the bullet will be spun by the rifling. With the great speed and gas escaping, a “bang” will explode.

 2. The shooting process of a shotgun

  • The chamber will be inserted with a shotshell
  • The firing pin will be pushed back when closing the action and held under spring tension
  • Releasing the firing pin by pulling the trigger. The primer will be stroke by the firing pin, then sparks will be produced.
  • The gunpowder will be burned by heat and sparks from the primer, this thus produces gas which will expands in the shell.
  • The expanding gas will push the wad and the shot out of the plastic part of the shell.

Let be an responsible and careful hunter by learning to master your gun and other weapon.

What are the typical hunting tools

For wildlife hunting (4), we need to have at least one of tools below:

1. Gun

Gun is high-tech weapon which is produced in large factories. Gun can damage at a long-range (even over 300 meter) and is very effective in hunting. But it isn’t always available for us and isn’t allowed to use everywhere.
17_8_1330910482_19_62 (1)

2. Bow and arrows

Bow is a weapon easy to produce but quite effective in long-range hunting (within 50 meters). Bow is often used to hunt birds and small animals. If you want to hunt big animals, you have to know how to poison the head of arrows.To make a bow, first you choose a really flexible and hard tree-trunk or tree-branches like old bamboo to hew to a bow which has quite semicircular shape and fit your hand. The bow’s middle is large and its two ends are smaller. Each end is carved a little to tie the bowstring. Bowstring is a really solid rope made from parachute cord, fiber of cannabis bark spun or from animal leather processed… Bowstring only swells out when you need to use it in order not to make the bow lower because of being constantly swollen out.
Arrows are made of hard and straight trees which are from 65 to 75 centimeters long. Their head is tapered and tempered by fire in order to become harder. For adding efficiency, people might add in arrow head the hard and sharp objects made from bronze, steel, iron, bone, glass, stone fragments… Arrow handle is tied with 3 hair ducts of large birds. These hairs are ripped away the small parts, trimmed and used small and solid wires to tie and graft in such a way that when shooting, they aren’t entangled to bow or gunner’s hands. Sometimes, arrow handle is also grafted by coconut or palm leaves…When shooting, if you are right-handed, your left hand holds the bow; use two fingers (index and middle fingers) of the right hand to clip arrow handle and append it to bowstring; then take the bow and arrows up to the same level with your sight. As arrows will fly on the curve through the air, you must take the arrow upward above your sights a little.

3. Cross-bow

Cross-bow is a variant weapon from the bow, but is attached to a bamboo pipe called the cross-bow body and has a tumbler latch called trigger. On the cross-bow body, there is a slot to fix an arrow. This arrow is smaller and shorter than the arrow of bow (about 30 – 40 centimeters). Its handle is clipped by palm leaves and can be also poisoned. Thought cross-bow isn’t as fast and flexible as bow, but it shoots more certainly than the bow, especially for who are not professional.

4. Hand-harpoon

Hand-harpoon is a piece of hard tree, about 1.2 to 2.5 meters long, fit your hand and heavy enough to be thrown away. One end is trimmed very sharply and tempered slightly in flame. This sharp end can be replaced with a knife, spears, iron pole or a piece of sharpened bone… Do you want to use the harpoon effectively? OK, you just need to practice so as to throw it away, strongly and hit its mark. Besides the health, you should pay attention to the balance of harpoon, so that when throwing, your harpoon doesn’t fly in winding way in the air. In order to use harpoon, you need to approach the prey very closely; then suddenly throw the harpoon really hard at its front shoulder, the prey will collapse and can’t run away. In additions, you should add some other harpoons (while hunting, the native often carries 3-4 harpoons).

Using Food Plots in Drawing Deer

Deer hunters know, one of the best ways to target white-tailed deer is to find its food sources. Taking the deer by surprise as they move from the feeding areas is an effective strategy that hunters use with great success. Find the food sources, set- up your stands on trails in the middle of the food sources and the thicker cover used as bedding areas.

However, not all hunting grounds are the same. In the agricultural areas of the Midwest, the feeding areas are identified through the corn and the soybean crops, among other things. Any hunting land which goes against these crops may be easily identified as ambush spots. But, not all hunters have access to agricultural areas. Deer feed largely by grazing marsh grass or foraging the forest for acorns. With the range of the food sources, identifying the pattern for deer movement may prove challenging as that getting a chance at that prized buck.

deer hunting

Setting a bait on deer are illegal in some states such as Wisconsin. In other states, baiting deer is still an option. However, this strategy can be tricky as the big bucks wise up and learn to only hit the bait piles at night. The same has been proven to be true for salt licks. As such, we find no use for putting out salt licks or setting up traps to after the close of hunting hours.

Fortunately, food baits are now developed so hunters can conveniently plant them. Food plots can now be planted in areas with natural food sources that deer visit daily. While hunting in Adams County, WI, we have observed that large bucks visit the food plots during the day.  The deer bait disguised as a natural food crop creates a lure for them as a food source they can trust.

Earlier, only experienced farmers dealt with planting food plants. With the advent of genetically modified seeds, food plots can be planted in all soil types. The genetically engineered seeds are designed to adapt to drought and grow despite cold climate and scorching temperature. For hunters, it is ideal to plant the food plots mid-summer so the plants flourish by mid-November while the rut is in full-swing. When the big bucks spend all their time pursuing the does, a lot of energy is required to keep them marching. Food plots become the ideal locations for them to feed while chasing the does.

If you possess hunting land or are thinking of acquiring a hunting land, you must consider food plots as one of the best strategies for bringing in deer. Properties with harsh winters take the privilege of ensuring deer survival throughout the winters. Planting food plots is not only an effective hunting technique; but it can also help sustain the deer during the cold winter months. Some varieties of the plants are designed to stay lush and green all throughout winter and provide the necessary nutrients for the deer.  Should you be determined to own for a hunting solution, Wisconsin offers pre-planted food plots for sale.

It is good to note that in choosing where to plant the food plots, you have to consider the location of your stands, the bedding areas, and the common wind directions.  These considerations must be made to ensure that the deer are not scared off with the scent you are giving off.  It is good to plant some of the plots fully under the sun while plant the rest in shade. This strategy ensures the thriving of the plants whatever the weather conditions may be.

So this fall, don’t forget to think of food plots as a strategy for drawing your next prized buck to your hunting grounds.

The special eagle hunting job in Mongolia

Nomadic people wearing a fur hat and a long robe with a giant eagle perching upon arm while they riding horse to twist through the cliffs in the harsh winter weather for hunting is a normal image you can see in Mongolia, one of the most remote places of the world. Are you use Mac OX? This video show capture screen mac, let’s click this to know


Eagle hunting is considered as a traditional occupation of the ethnic group who living here. Today, due to strong effect of globalization process, almost traditional occupations have faded step by step. But the eagle hunting is still regarded as the job of brave people in Kazakh tribe and conserved from father to son.
Kazakh tribe lives on a mountainous land that is located in the West pole of Mongolia and surrounded by the Altai Mountains. Kazakh people are descendants of the Mongols who are taken the lead by Genghis Khan to invade this region in the 13th century.
Right here, Kazakh people raise cow and sheep for a living and keep up  the long-standing cultural practices. And one of their very special jobs is hunting by eagles that called “eagle hunting” (orgolden eagle hunting). Even women can also become hunters and each family has its own secrets and regulations in catching, breeding and training the eagles.

To serve their hunting for food, Kazakh people catch and train the eagles. These powerful birds appear so much in Central Asia. One large eagle weighs up to 6.5 kilograms and its wingspan is wider than 2 meters. Eagle is the bird of prey; unlike the others often eat seeds, insects and fruits. While the others only can fly in a short distance, this type of birds can fly very far to find their prey. Eagle can easily overcome the wind with a speed of 20 miles per hour without using much energy. All the claws on eagle’s feet are curved and sharp. These sharp claws are their dangerous weapon to make an attack on prey and hold it captive.

Eagle’s view is also a notable feature; its view is eight times farther than the human’s view. So they can detect their prey such as fox or rabbit at miles away. Normally, Kazakh people often feed female eagles because they are heavier and more resistant as well as skillful in hunting than males. An eagle could live up to 50 years old but most of them are usually kept for hunting in 10 years, then they are released back to the wild nature.

Kazakh people attach much importance to behaving towards the eagle. The Kazakhs treat them very gently and carefully because in this place, they are important and indispensable warriors who help Kazakh people to have food and warm clothing made from fur. These things support Kazakh people to resist the harsh winter in the cold which is usually minus 30 degrees. In addition to hunting, the eagles also help people who living here to look after the cattle.
According to traditional rules, the hunters often go alone with the eagles. However, having such brave and strong hunters is not something simple or overnight. Just the very skillful and experienced hunters can find an intelligent, brisk and wise eagle satisfactorily and proudly. They often take quite many days to keep track of the eagle and catch it on the high and dangerous cliffs.
The eagle is a bird friendly to human and after being tamed and brought back to live with people, they never attack children, sheep or goat. The larger they are, the better their possibility of prey hunting is.

The silencer and its worth mentioning things

     Many show cases have stopped stocking pistols but you may give them a special order provided that your interested gun is mentioned in their catalog. These show cases normally have various suppliers of ammo and gun accessories for those who need.
The silencer is always on the top of any catalogs. Some fanatics even make suppressors by themselves with flash lights or other material kinds.  Which points make the silencer favorite as today? Let’s learn for some silencer information.
     The silencer is becoming the most favorite gun accessory

Did the silencer make an echo at the first appearance?

     In 1902, Hiram Percy Maxim invented parallel the automobile muffle and the silencer at the same time. Opposite to his twin, the silencer was ignored and banned for a long time because there were waves of organized crimes.
     It is in 1934 that the silencer turned to the remarkable point in its history. American lawmakers accepted for gunners to buy a silencer as long as they passed a check and pay for a big mount of money called “sin tax”. So that, the silencer appeared legally in any gunfires thought there were few of gunners using because of expensiveness. After that, the Great Depression, the American Government decided to reduce tax levels down much and the tax for silencer also were lower than ever. Besides, as statistics, the society faced to the hearing loss and everybody cared what elements caused that situation. People included gunners hated big sound. People included gunners wanted quiet spaces. And people included gunners were fond of silencers – the gun accessory helped the society face to hearing loss. It the time when citizen’s minds are open and the suppressor came familiar to gunners.
Silencers have a worth mentioning history that many an authors prefer

Silencers with the law

          A man named Miles Edward Haynes was convicted when registering an NFA-type firearm. However, it was unenforceable because of some reasons. Based on this event, the Gun Control Act of American was adjusted to stated rules purchasing both new and used silencers so that in all cases, silencers must be registered with a mount of “sin tax”. In 1988, Congress passed a law that a crime concerning to a silencer must be sentenced 30 years (increased 2 years more than 1986’s). It was speculated that was the hardest penalty for crimes in the legal system of American at that time.
     Recently people have found out the silencer are seldom used in crime. In 10 years from 1995 to 2005, fifteen criminal cases  involved the suppressor. There was normally under 0.1 percent of homicides concerned to the silencers at States. During this period of time, there were only 2 commissions of murders in which the silencer was used. There was no evidence to prove that the silencer will make the criminal status come worse if the Government removes the silencer regulation. Finally, in July 2015 41 of 50 States of United State legalize gunners to use the silencer. People estimate that the number of suppressors purchased by Americans has doubled only from 2011 to 2014.
     Up to now, many a private manufacturers have opened and the silencer technology is innovating day by day. Their might in productions are storming the market more than ever.
The silencer has been legalized in 41 States of United State

In brief

     Suppressors are recommended for all gun fans. There are myriad benefits to gunners and the reason for having a silencer (15) are reasonable for all people. I do not mention the price and additional cost because it once you buy a gun, you should accept to buy a silencer together. Some people say that the shooter and hunter should together make the silencer mainstream and easy to buy. In some countries such as Finland, Poland, Sweden… the citizens acknowledge the benefits of suppressors and encourage all gunners to use.

Gun Cleaning Made Easy with Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners

Gun enthusiasts and hunters alike invest a good deal in their shooting equipment; be it guns, pistols and rifles. An important aspect of being a responsible gun enthusiast is maintaining these devices through regular cleaning. Routine gun cleaning is a necessity after a day out in the field. However, manual cleaning will not give the thorough maintenance firearms need. But thanks to the latest technology, detailed gun cleaning can now be achieved through ultrasonic cleaners. Ultrasonic Cleaners offer a comprehensive cleaning solution for your shooting equipment.

gun cleaner

No matter the frequency of dismantling, cleaning and oiling, regular manual cleaning cannot just thoroughly remove the dirt deposit, moisture and powder residue left on the firearm after use. Sand, oil, sodium, grease and dust deposits are just some of the elements that can affect the performance of a firearm. No intensive manual cleaning can compare to the cleaning results offered by that of ultrasonic cleaners. Ultrasonic cleaners reach gun parts that manual cleaning will not. The power of Ultrasonic Cleaners cavitation reaches all surfaces of the gun parts in no time. Ultrasonic Cleaners can reach even the smallest and the most intricate of parts. By using ultrasonic gun cleaners, routine maintenance of firearms are taken cared of efficiently.

Considering the huge amounts of money expended on firearms and shooting equipment, gun enthusiasts take great pains in the gun cleaning process. An erroneous cleaning process can not only cause damage, but may also cause malfunction to a firearm. Ultrasonic gun cleaners not only offer a fast and efficient cleaning gun solution; most importantly, it provides a safe solution to gun cleaning with a reduced risk of cracks and scratches to the gun parts and the firearm itself.

Ultrasonic cleaning system may be used not only for firearms and gun parts but also for cleaning brass as well. Promising of an effective cleaning performance, the ultra cleaning system comprises of a generator, a transducer and a tank. It has three (3) controls inclusive of an amplitude to regulate its ultrasonic power. The transducer and the tank ensures an ideal environment for proper cleaning. Correct cleaning also warrants an extensive lifetime for the firearms.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner is easy to operate. It comes with an auto-timer capability to ensure no over-cleaning of the equipment. The auto-timer capability guarantees no over-cleaning that may cause damage to the internal mechanism of the equipment. An effortless gun cleaning may be easily accomplished by choosing the appropriate sized-machine with the correct timer setting. Together with a mixture of the cleaning solution and water, as needed, gun cleaning has been made simple and uncomplicated like never before.

Ultrasonic gun cleaners comes in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your budget and needs, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems such as Hornady, RCbs, Layman and Sonic are brands to consider for this purpose. A modestly priced ultrasonic gun cleaner is easily available in the market or at any online stores such as eBay, Amazon or at UltrasonicGunCleaner.net

Basic knowledge of firearms you should know

Before choose a firearm, you should know basic information about this weapon, in this string of articles we will give you some essential knowledge about firearm.

What is a firearm?

a firearm is defined as very simple as follow: it is a gun, or any weapon, which consists inside of a explosion-causing system to blow out a projectile, such as a bullet.

How many kind of firearm?

The answer is that there are many different kinds of firearm. But basically we can divide them into following main types:

A rifle: this name comes from its rifled barrel. With a rifle, the bullet will be spun on its axis. So the accuracy will be high and the range will be distant.
Shotguns: a shotgun will have a smooth barrel (it means barrel without rifling). Its regular ammunition are slugs or pellets. This weapon is useful for targets moving.
Handguns: revolvers and pistols are handguns (14). Different from long arms that have a shoulder stock, handguns are designs in such a way that they can be held in hand.
  • A revolver has a cylinder revolving which can held a particular number of cartridges.
  • A pistol just have a single chamber. It hold the cartridges within the chamber or in a removable magazine.A piston is designed to be lift with one hand and with a reasonable size.
Ok, those are popular kinds of firearms. Here you will see the main types of actions of them, most popular in long arms:
  1. Air rifle
An air rifle will push the bullet out of the barrel by compressed air (which provided by gas or mixture of gas, not by exploise) or by means of a spring. An air rifle also called a BB gun, a pellet gun.
  1. Muzzle loading firearms

A muzzle loading firearms will have a necessary number of powder filling the barrel of the firearms with a bullet follow. Near the trigger has a small hole which causes a spark with a flint lock to burn the powder and push the bullet out.

  1. Bolt action firearms

You will use a bolt, similar to a door bolt, to make a bolt action firearm operating. You can see whether the chamber is loaded or not by lift up this bolt. Generally, when chamber is loaded, open the bolt and a cartridge will be ejected.

4. Lever action firearms

You will see a lever or handle under the trigger guard of a lever action firearm. You will start the firearm by make the lever operating.


5. Slide or pump action firearms

In this kind of firearm you will know whether the chamber is loaded or not by sliding or pumping a mechanism to open the action.